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Questions & Answers

Cross-infection, what is it?

Cross infection is the transfer of bacteria and viruses (eg HIV, Hepatitis, Tuberculosis) from one patient to another by way of contaminated work surfaces, instruments and other items. To prevent cross infection, reusable work surfaces and instruments must be thoroughly cleansed and sterilised or protected by a disposable barrier.

Why are SafeTrays the best form of barrier?

Because they are:

  • Simple quick and easy to use.

  • More efficient than other systems.

  • Made of hard PET plastic, more durable than plastic wrap, or paper.

  • Impervious to contaminated blood, saliva and fluids.

  • Not penetrated by sharp instruments.

  • They provide a work surface for pre dispensing items.

Why are SafeTrays more efficient than other tray systems?

Because they:

  • Save on clean-up time between patients and the use of chemicals.

  • Provide a versatile work surface for organising instruments, burs, syringe, cotton rolls and medicaments.

  • Provide mixing wells for gels and fluids.

  • Are disposable or recyclable.

  • Reduce the cost per patient.

Disinfection of reusable instrument trays requires:

  • Thorough pre-cleaning of contaminated operating surfaces.

  • Sterilisation, requiring a ‘kill time’ crucial for infection control which can take 5-10 minutes.

  • Chemicals costing up to $NZ50 per week (A-dec Manual 2003).

Are SafeTrays environmentally friendly?

Yes. Only 150 microns thick, the liners are made of PET, a fully recyclable material. Very little plastic is used in the manufacture. In one soft drink bottle there is enough plastic to make TEN tray liners. The use of chemicals and sterilisation is eliminated.

Do the master trays need to be sterilised?

No. The master tray is completely covered by the tray liner so it does not become contaminated.

Can the master trays be autoclaved?

No. They do not need to be because they are not contaminated. A new, disposable liner for each patient is placed on top of the master tray.

How much do SafeTrays cost?

Cost per patient is minimal. Less than the average facemask or rubber dam.

Are SafeTray liners sterile?

No. They do not need to be sterile to prevent cross-infection, so are manufactured to food grade specifications, as are rubber dams and gloves.

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